Weight Loss

The goal of weight support at Tree of Health Integrative Medicine is to help you create a sound plan that will become your lifestyle. Unlike many online weight loss programs, the approach here is individualized and includes assessment of hormones, metabolic function, immune system, and addressing emotional issues that maybe contributing to unhealthy weight.

Weight Loss
  • Our weight loss program is a supervised easy-to-follow plan that supports fat metabolism. The plan is designed to help your body burn fat at a higher rate to achieve your optimal weight. This comprehensive program provides you with tools to help you maintain your weight after you complete the program. Additional benefits may include improved energy, mental clarity, and reduced hunger cravings.
  • Estimating BMI (body mass index) to find optimal weight for your height and measuring BIA (body bioelectrical impedance analysis) to determine body fat percentage
  • Nutritional and exercise plans
  • Metabolic support through specific nutrients
  • Working with metabolic syndrome, thyroid disorders, PCOS and other conditions that make weight loss challenging
  • Medication management,including semaglutide